Contact Us:

ElysJoy Ministries

Phone Number       276-591-7562

5219 Bartlick Road

Haysi, VA 24256

Map for ElysJoy Ministries both locations




  1. Hello – I do graphics for a children’s ministry – Baptist Church Planters, I was looking for an image about Samson and came across the Samson image in your blog:

    I am interested in using this image in some bible study lessons that would be printed and also available online. I was wondering where you got the image and/or if I would have permission to use it? I would be happy to give you credit for the photo.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
    Mellanie Strong

  2. Dear In Christ Pastor,
    I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ our King of Kings, I’m Rev Pastor Nestor Ndizeye,I’m leading a church named Redeemed Life Christian Church here Bujumbura-Burundi.I’m married, God blessed us 3 Biological children and five orphan’s when I visited your web site I was very interested with your mission and vision.I would like to ask you if possible to work with you.
    We would like to taking this wonderful opportunity to invite you here,so we can organise a leadership training and Revivals meeting and other programs.

    Please hope to hear from you

    God bless

    Rev Pastor Nestor Ndizeye
    Mob Phone (+257)75740770

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