About Ely’sJoy

El'ysJoy About ElysJoy

ElysJoy (pronounced Eli’s Joy) is a non-denominational group of Christian women and men determined to make a difference in the Southwest Va.  Dedicated followers of Jesus, ElysJoy is a volunteer only organization with a focus  to restore through Christ’s power and might.

God has called us to the Southwestern Virginia region to be the hands and feet of Christ.  We believe He wants to take back the mountain and honor the prayers of his daughter, Elsie Yates to have EVERY resident of Haysi know the love of Christ through His Son by showing love without judgment to anyone in need.  We want to restore the places of our heritage that have been devastated by the economic challenges and lift up and enlist anyone that has been blessed.

We Strive to:

  1. Distribute Clothes, Shoes and Coats to anyone in need.
  2. To Provide school age children with backpacks.
  3. To Provide food to those children and adults without it.
  4. To Provide the resources needed for all ages to study God’s Word 
  5. To Provide community events that strengthen the relationships of family, neighbours and people with God. 
  6. To give love without judgement
  7. To help people build themselves back up and bond together in a trying time.
  8. To Provide Job Traning for a changing world:  We work with Software Solutions to provide free internet training for anyone in the Haysi area that is unemployed or under employed.  They provide classes in Microsoft Office, General Business and several accounting software packages.  We want to help anyone that wants a job get a job.  Email bking@s-solutions.com for an application for free training. 
  9. To Provide a safe place for kids to come to have fun, be supported and learn how much God loves them without judgment or condemnation. Just a place to play games, learn about God, get something to eat or have an ear to listen to their problems.
  10. To help parents break the cycle of abuse and poverty for their children

Upcoming Events and Past Events:

The Power in Peace Ladies Monthly Bible Study- Sept 16, 2012 through January 13, 2013

Coatss, Hats and Glove Distribution October 6th, 2012 2-4

Thanksgiving Groceries:  November 17th, 2012 2-4

One Year Anniversary Christmas Party December 15th 4 -7 pm – Food and Christmas Carols.

How you can help:

We ask for you to pray for us.  Pray God gives us strength and clarity and to reveal the plan He has for us and for Haysi, Va.  We ask you to pray that our faith stays strong and we remain committed even through trials and obstacles.  We ask you to pray for the people of Haysi, Va. that God brings them love and prosperity and restores all their generations to honor God.

Donate gently used clothes, household items, books and toys.  Email us at ElysJoy001@hotmail.com or Call 276-644-2625  for pick-up of donated items in the Richmond, Va. Beach, or Northern Va area.  Pick-up is also available in parts of SC and KY)

Become a sponsor by donating monthly.  Even $5.00 per month helps. $25 buys a bag of groceries, $50 helps provide a backpack and Christmas for a child.

Donate Bibles or Bible Study Books. We want to be able to give an age appropriate Bible to anyone that wants one.  Anything you have would be great.  We are especially in need of children’s bibles and teen bibles.

 Volunteer to Help:  We need Bible Study facilitators in Dickenson County, people to prep for events in the Haysi area, envelope stuffers, website content creators; you name it we need it done!  Email us at elysjoy001@hotmail.com to learn more.

Write a devotional for our website:  Sign up to write a devotional for our site.  We love to link to others and welcome devotional posting about any part of scripture that will uplift our readers.

Other Ideas:  Help us better understand the landscape in Dickenson County by writing us to tell us where the needs are.  Our last visit we came back full of new ideas brought to us by the people of the county.

Get in touch with us anytime for any questions you may have.  We are excited to share our journey with you!



  1. I think this is a wonderful program and the back packs for kids and the clotheing for kids goin back to school is so wonder, My son’s wife left him allmost a year ago left him with 3 kids all very small the youngest bein 3 and the oldest just turned 7. He has had such a hard time working and trying to find someone to help with the kids I help out all I can.. Now he is off from work due to Medical problems and I sent these people an email as being the kids grandmother and they helped. Most places would have turned down because the parents can’t be there. But I sent an email asking for help for my grandchildren and they graciously are going to help.. So I just want to say thank you from the bottem of my heart.. Sincerely
    Rejeana O’Quinn

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