Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | October 6, 2015

The book of Ruth an Unusual Love Story

Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is a biblical story Disney would be happy to produce.  It has all the elements of a fairy tale:  abandoned girl with no hope, wealthy hero to the rescue, marriage, son, happily ever after!   The book of Ruth is a love story alright but not the kind we are used to.  The book of Ruth is a love story of faithfulness, obedience, hard work and the redemption of Christ.

In Chapter 1 Naomi and her husband leave the land of their home and set out for another country that promises better living conditions.   I would guess it was much like the Syrian refugees fleeing today.  It was a harsh decision to choose on bad situation over another.  The classic should I stay or should i go.   They decide to go and settle in the land of Moab.

In Moab their 2 sons choose wives of that land (a big Jewish no no) and wait ten years but sadly don’t have any kids.  Also during this period, both of Naomi’s son’s die as does her husband.   Ironic for a women who’s name means “my delight”.  She decides to return to her homeland because she hears the crisis is over there.  She really has nothing to loose since she has been left with nothing in Moab.   Even though the tradition for a Jewish widow is to marry the brother of the decesed there is no oher heirs for the daughter in laws to consider.  Naomi graciously releases Orpha and Ruth back to their own families to find new husbands.   They both love Naomi so it’s a super emotional tear filled departure.

Ruth decides however that she is going to return to a land she doesn’t know, to go with Naomi back to her home and choose Naomi’s security over her own.  Likely Ruth understands a warm welcome is not what she should expect in this land of the enemy.   Based on the scriptures, she has a mother and father there in Moab so can easily stay with them.  But Ruth has seen something that others may have missed; the faith of a women that has lost it all.  A women that has accepted her fate knowing that God’s ways are higher than hers.  Ruth in the depth of her grief and dispair sees a glimpse of the power of faith!

Does your walk with God through the hard times in life show those around you the power of faith.  Do you have what it takes to let God shine through your tears when faced with life changing events?  Let’s not forget that our walk may be the only Bible someone ever sees!

To learn more about this incredible story, read Chapter 1 of the book of Ruth!

More coming soon on the rest of Ruth.

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