Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 7, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Sites for Christian Information

I am always interested in the websites people visit and the places on the web where they spend their time.  It really does tell you a ton about a person.   Sites like Pinterest and Facebook can really eat up your time.    Sometimes though we are able to click a link or read a post that really gets to the heart of something we needed to know.   Here are my top 5 Christian Info Go To Sites: (not really in any order)

Charisma Magazine – A great place to get news about the Christian walk including news stories not covered by our main stream media.   From the lasted Bible translation available to great blogs and not issues dismissed by the mainstream press,  this magazine doesn’t hold back.   Charisma is also available in a print edition.

Proverbs 31 Ministries – This ministry site is a must visit for Christian women today.   It is full of topics important to women and includes free on line Bible Studies!   With daily devotions and the ability to listen on line to their radio show, this site inspires and teaches.  A great pick me up anytime.

The Jerusalem Post – This news site is the most up to date regarding the happenings in Israel and the Middle East.   Seeing the events of the world through the eyes of the Israel news is so incredible.  I am always amazed that our US press doesn’t cover many of these stories.   This news site doesn’t hold back which is why I love it so much I get breaking news alerts sent to my phone.   Be careful with that though, remember Jerusalem is 7 hours ahead of us so the middle of the night here is their busiest news cycle!

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk – This started years ago as a radio show which continues today.   But their website springboards on those topics and covers just about everything related to building a strong Christian family.  This is great for parents, grandparents or even spiritual family members.

Koinonia House 66/40- This is a site for DEEP Bible study.  If I could only subscribe to one podcast the one from this site would be it and the study notes from this site are incredible.   This site digs deep, deep, deep into the scriptures and the founder Chuck Missler is one of the most gifted and enlightened teachers I have ever encountered.

Go Visit some of these and try them out for yourself then post back here some of your favorite sites!


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