Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 4, 2014

The Triumphant Entry of Jesus – Savior, King, Sacrifice

Sign over Jesus head at CrucifixionThe triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is the  kick off to the week of His suffering, death and resurrection.  This week in the life of Jesus changes the world.    This single event

  • Fulfills prophecy by riding on a colt of a donkey into the streets. (see Zechariah 9:9).
  • Declared Him to be King (they put their garments on the donkey and on the ground in front of him which was typical for when a king entered your city)
  • Testified of the obedience of His dicisples (they go get a donkey colt that doesn’t belong to them because Jesus said to do it)
  • Shows us how fickle people can be (He enters on Sunday with Praise and is condemned by the same crowd less than a week later. )

Like the people we encounter every day, most of the people  welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem changed quickly.   They went from praises of “Hosanna” God save us to “Crucify him!”

I used to ask myself how this could happen.  If you have seen all these miracles that testify of Jesus as the Messiah and are sure enough he is king to throw your coat or a palm branch in front of him as he enters the city, then how can you be calling for his crucifixion four days later?

The reason:  most people are followers.   We rarely stop to think about the consequences if it seems everyone else is doing the same thing.   If we don’t know what to do, we look to people we know, people familiar to us to see what they are doing.   I see it with my granddaughter all the time.   She imitates her Mommy and Daddy with fierceness.   She has the same learned mannerisms and watches them closely.  And while tilting her head at unnatural angles to make sure they see her acting like them, she mimics them perfectly.  This audience shouting praises to Jesus would be looking around to see what the religious leaders and their family and friends were doing constantly.  Truth is, we all do that at some point in our life.

Often, however, our walk with Christ requires us to be different.  To walk a new path or continue down an unusual path with our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, even when people call us crazy Jesus freaks or laugh at us.   We must remember we are 100% sold out for Jesus or we aren’t.   There can be no middle ground.

I do find it ironic that the very thing they declared him to be at the triumphant entry (their King) was the same at the end of the week.   The sign above the head of Jesus on the cross said “King of the Jews” in three different languages!   Jesus accomplished what they asked him to do as he rode into Jerusalem.   He became their savior by His perfect sacrifice.    God is so good!

You can find the triumphant entry in all four gospels.  Here are the links.


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