Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 22, 2014

A Shepherd Not Shepherding – How To Know There Is A Problem With Your Pastor

How to know your pastor has a problem

photo credit Charisma Magazine

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in the Seattle, WA an in your face preacher with jeans and a tough guy style, is in a crisis situation. He is being asked to step down from the pulpit he has occupied since 1996, accused by his own congregation of spiritual abuse, consolidated power, mistreatment of people, and creating an unhealthy culture in which questions weren’t allowed.

This article from earlier this month in Charisma Magazine not only asks “What Do We Do Now With Mark Driscoll?” but gives a  list of 5 things to help you notice that your have a problem with your church leadership. Here is the quick list  (As outlined by Charisma Magazine’s J. Lee Grady author of 10 Lies Men Believebut read the entire article to learn the biblical requirements for church leadership and the scripture references to back up his position outlined below.

5 warning signs of a problem with your SHEPHERD:

1. Little or no accountability. When celebrity preachers seem eager to tell everyone else what to do but aren’t willing to hear correction from others, prepare for a train wreck.

2. Spiritual elitism. If there is a spirit of control in a church, people are usually told their group is superior. If people choose to leave, they are shunned or branded as renegades.

3. An oppressive atmosphere. Authoritarian leaders control people through manipulation.

4. Angry domination. Tyrants are surprisingly similar. Because they want to control their surroundings, they often blow up when people do not conform to their demands.

5. A low view of women. While churches today differ in their views on women in leadership, it should be noted that authoritarian churches almost always discourage women from pursuing any genuine role in ministry.

These 5 signs are fully outlined by Mr. Grady and worth the time to better understand. Don’t risk not recognizing a leader that isn’t leading their people to the path of Jesus by example!

10 Lies Men Believe Chapter 1

Read Chapter 1

Other Books by  J Lee Grady

25 tough questions about women in the church


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