Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 18, 2014

Jesus Feeds 5000 Foreshadowed by Hezekiah

Hezekiah Godly Son of an Ungodly KingAs I studied the reign of Hezekiah one of the kings of Judah this week,  I found a little buried gem that once again showed me how EVERYTHING Jesus does in the New Testament gospels has an Old Testament tie in.

Why is that important you ask?  Because Jesus was the Messiah (anointed one) sent to free God’s people and  His coming as a man and again to reign as King is foreshadowed over and over again in the books of the Old Testament.   Paul calls it a mystery in Romans 16:25-26 and Revelation 1:3 says all that understand are blessed!

If we recognize Jesus there in the pages of the books of Law, History, Wisdom and the Prophets we build our faith and recognize the character of God is never changing.    Getting to know the King is our primary objective in life as a Christian!  So let’s take a look at the mirror image of the actions of Hezekiah and the feeding of the 5000 in the Gospels…..

About King Hezekiah:

  • He was the godly son of a very bad man. His father, King Ahaz had shut the doors of the Lord’s house and cut up all the items of the temple and built alters to false God’s on every city of Judah.   (2 Chroncials 28:24-25)


  • Because of Ahaz’s actions the priests and temple workers were out of a job. Joshua divided the land of Canaan at God’s directions to the 12 tribes of Israel.  The Levite tribe (who were directed to be priests and temple workers) got no portion of the land because they were to be focused on the duties of the Temple of God.  This made them dependent on the offerings and tithes of the people.  No open temple equals no jobs for the temple workers!

So check out the story of the reestablishing of the Temple by Hezekiah and see how it ties right into the Jesus declaring Himself King and Lord and establishing the people as the Temple of God and a Kingdom of Priests through the feeding of the 5000!   If you haven’t already read the story of Hezekiah reopening the temple, if you do it now, it will make way more sense….You can find it here in 2 Chronicles 31:2-10.  After that hop over to Luke 9 or Mark 6 and read about the feeding of the 5000.    Here is a break down so you can see it for yourself!

  • Hezekiah directed his people to reestablish worship in the temple. He reopened and ordered the Priests and Levites to cleanse the Temple of God.   He also reestablished the priests in their specific duties. (2 Chronicles 31:2-6)
    • Hezekiah reestablished the divisions of the priests and Levites by division (2 Chronicles 31:2) – These divisions were based on the duties of the priests. This relates back to Exodus 18:25 when Moses appoints heads of families and tribes in groups of 50, 100  to help with the leadership of the tribes.
    • He then has them bring offerings to the Lord for the feeding of the priests and they obey. The people bring a tenth of everything they have. (they begin to tithe)
  • The people obey Hezekiah and set before the temple a tenth of what they have. The result is piles and piles of offerings  of grain, oil, wine, oil, honey and all the produce of the field.


  • Hezikiah asks the leaders of the priests about the piles of offerings. Azariah , the chief priest of the house of Zadock answers that since the people began giving to the Lord’s temple,  they have eaten and been satisfied…(hmmmm should familiar?!)  Azariah, the chief priest (note the name Azariah means Jehovah has helped) specifically said:  (2 Chronicles 31:10)
    • We eat
    • We are satisfied
    • There is plenty left over
    • Abundance is what is left over because of the Lord’s blessing on it

The reason this sound familiar is it is a model for the feeding of the 5000 and declaring Jesus Himself as Messiah!  (The feeding of the 4000 follows this pattern as well)  Let’s tie that in and see what Jesus is really saying.

  • Jesus speaks: Have them sit down in groups of 50 (Jesus is declaring that He is King!  He has authority to command the people as Hezikiah did)
  • Jesus blesses: The offering given by the boy is blessed by Jesus before giving them to his disciples( Jesus is declaring that He is Lord – the Lord blesses the offering to create more than enough in 2 Chronicles 31:9-10)
  • Jesus gives: He gives the offering to the disciples to set before the crowd (think about the piles from the offerings set before the temple by the people of Judah when directed by Hezekiah)    Jesus  is declaring the PEOPLE to be the Temple of God  since the offering is set before them.
    • Everyone ate (Jesus is declaring the PEOPLE to be a kingdom of priests since only the priests and temple workers could eat the offerings (tithes) .
    • Everyone was filled/satisfied (Jesus is showing us the offerings set before the people and blessed by the Lord will fill you up and satisfy you as Azariah states in 2 Chronicles 31:10)
    • There were left overs (The abundance is created by the Blessing of the Lord)

Remember there is a mystery in scripture which God gives the ability to solve to his people.  The answers are in the pages of the Old Testament and we are called to understand this mystery just as the disciples were!

Now remember this is only one humble gal’s opinion so I encourage you to do your own research!!!

Comparison Chart Feeding 5000 and 2 Chronicles 31 Hezekiah reestablishes the temple




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