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Revelation Study Week 1: Chapter 1

 Base image for study Week 1Revelation Chapter 1 – Recap from Week 1 January 8th and 9th, 2014 

 Reading Chapter 1 of Revelation we learn so much about Jesus and what is plan for his children is.

We learned that the Greek word for Revelation is apokalypsis

Apokalypsis means to lay bare, expose truth or an uncovering or an unveiling (Vines Expository Dictionary – Strong’s G602).     The first verse of the first chapter clarifies that by telling us it is the “revelation (or uncovering) of Jesus Christ.   This book literally uncovers and has Christ appear to us.  WOW!   The book of Revelation is the best place to see what Jesus is like as he sits at the right hand of God in Heaven.

We learned that the one who reads this is blessed,

It expands on that in verse 3 to say those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep what is written in it are blessed because the time is near!   Yep, we who read it, hear it and keep it are blessed.

What does it mean to read it, hear it and to keep it? 

Read it:  A deeper meaning that reading a novel or story.  More like to study the words of the book.

Hear it:  Many times in the scriptures, Jesus himself said, let him who has ears hear…. (Mathew 11:15, Mark 4:9 are a few places).  What both Jesus and John are saying with that use of “hear” is let him comprehend, understand, contemplate.  BBottom line understand what is being said.  I think he means the same thing that Mom’s say to their kids..”Do you HEAR me?”  Really we are saying, “Do you get it, understand it and moreover, understand the penalty?”   So the hearing is the learning of this book, which you guys are doing now!

Keep it:  The Greek word for “keep it” (tēreō- Strong’s # G5083) means to attend carefully to or guard something.  It can also mean keep watch or observe.  We are called not only to study and understand it but guard it and attend carefully to what is says.   

We learned that verse 1:19 tells us that Revelation is broken up into 3 parts:

  1. What you have seen (the past)
  2. What is (the present)
  3. What will take place after this (the future after John’s encounter)

During our study we will be sure to understand which category each part falls into.

We learned that the letters John is commanded to write are for 7 churches in the province of Rome called Asia Minor. 

These churches were not the only churches during that time period but they were selected by God to be the representation of what was good and the areas of the church that needed improvement within a church (body of believers).

I pointed out that in Acts Chapter 19 verse 10 – Luke (the writer of the book of Acts) mentions that Paul stayed in Asia and ALL the people of Asia (the province not the current geographical Asia) heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.   My opinion:  This makes Asia a picture of what the world will look like when the entire world has heard the word of the Lord.  That allows Jesus to give us a great picture of the things to come through John.   When he left the earth he gave us a command to share the gospel with all the nations.   Paul did just that!  Further reading Acts Chapter 19.

We learned many of the characteristics of Jesus

Chapter 1 gives us a detailed description of Jesus .Since John was an apostle of Jesus and walked with him while he was on earth for more than 3 years; he has a good picture already of the human Jesus.   In Revelation chapter 1, Jesus gives him a glimpse of the Jesus at the right hand of God, the Jesus of Heaven!

Be sure to use your handout to write down all the characteristics of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit we got in class.  You can also download and print it here.  At the end of this study you will have a full list.  Here are a few from my list.

He loves us and sets us free                                        He is coming with the clouds

His feet were like burnished bronze                        His head and hair were like white wool

We learned that he holds 7 stars in his right hand and he walks among 7 lampstands.  In verse 20 he even tells is what these represent.   The 7 stars are angels of the 7 churches and the 7 lampstands are the 7 churches.   I love that Jesus gives us the key to understand what things mean.    We also can’t miss that here he says for sure that angels exist specifically for each church.  Remember a church is a body of believers not a building or place.

This was a great kick off to learning about the Jesus of Heaven.

Handout- what-revelation-teaches-us-about-god-jesus-and-the-holy-spirit-chart

Revelation Chapter 1 Study Notes


Here are a few other things to check out in the Bible that ties in here if you are interested.  (Extracurricular activityJ)

Deeper Dive:  The descriptions of Jesus tie back to many previous descriptions of Jesus throughout the Bible.  Here are a few places to check that out:

Exodus 30:18 – The laver is the pot or basin that the priests use to wash before entering the presence of God.  I think it is interesting that the base (some translations say fee) is bronze and so are feet of Jesus.  The laver washed away the sins of the priests and Jesus washes away our sins!  Exodus 38:8 tells us further that the basin or bowl part of the laver was made of the mirrors of the serving women.  Scripture tells us that we are formed in the image of God, so as the priests are washing they are seeing the image of God that comes from being on a firm foundation of Jesus!   (The bronze feet)  – NOTE:  This is only my opinion and I encourage you to review these texts and tell me what you think!

John 10 (read the whole chapter) but specifically John 10:7-21 – Jesus as the good Shepard and us as the sheep.  This ties right into the white wool of his hair since sheep and wool are tied together.  Again we see us defined as the image of God.  Us (the sheep) God (the Wool in Rev)

Acts 2- 1-14 – This is the description of Pentecost where the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in believers.  Note the description of Fiery Flames.
See you all next week!



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