Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | December 2, 2013

Don’t miss the details of Christmas Luke 2:1-7

Mary and Joseph begin the journey Luke 2:1-3

This is from December  2011 when we first started ElysJoy. Still important…If you haven’t read the Christmas story lately, you can do that here….. Read Luke 2:1-7

Today, as I was coming home from work, I noticed that in just a day or two all the lights had gone up on the street to celebrate the Christmas season.  Beautiful colors, wreaths and red ribbons surround me now as I drive the short distance home.  Once in a while I see a manager scene or lights in the shape of the north star.  Tonight, I was listening to a great Chris Tomlin Christmas CD and one the songs talked of Bethlemen and I remembered the tradition we have of reading the Christmas story.  But do we really dig in and take a look at the details.  Do we take a moment to just be in awe of a prophecy fulfilled?

These opening verses of the story of the birth of Jesus are the part that seem the least exciting and the least important.  They talk of a census and of  the Roman government.  You don’t see any angels, animals or wise men yet.  What we do see,  if we look closely is the coodination of the world to fit  God’s plan years and years before it began to come to be.  The prophet Micah writes in chapter 5 verse 2 that  one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from old, from ancient times will come out of Bethlehem.   Mary and Joseph lived in Galilee not Bethlehem but now, off they go to comply with the law that the Romans created.  Now, we see the  prophecy ready to be fulfilled!  You must remember, the book of Micah was written about 700 years before their trip to Bethlehem began!

Instead of passing houses a blaze with colored lights and reindeer.  Mary and Joseph had an arduous journey.  It was about 70-90 miles and they likely did it on foot or on a donkey.  I simply cannot imagine doing that nine months pregnant.  When I had my children I couldn’t walk to the bathroom without being tired.  I don’t think riding a donkey would have been much better than walking though.  Bounce, bounce, bounce with the baby kicking and her feet swelling would have been torture.  We won’t even mention that she would have had to find a restroom every 20 minutes at best and she was a modest newlywed.   But travel it they did, and I will bet that Ceaser Agusta never imagined that his idea to have a census done in order to increase taxes would be a tool to welcome in the Messiah, the new King!

As you begin your own reading of the Christmas story this year take a minute and ponder what it was like for those two young and weary travelers, obeying the law, doing the hard stuff to obey God.  These small details in scripture may not be the passages that move an unbeliever to lift their hands and surrender to Jesus, but they are important and bring together the entire picture.  Like this small bit of detail, God created every detail in the plan of life for you too.  He was the painter in the picture that is our life and our destiny!  Let’s praise him and declare his holiness now and all through the Christmas season!

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