Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | May 3, 2013

If I Am An Average American Then Likely I Am Broken

I am happy to be blessed and living in the greatest country in the world.  While our country is still full of hope, here are a few statistics from the New Hope (Billy Graham’s Matthew initiative) that reveal the sad state of affairs in this land we call home.

The Average American - statistics

While these statistics are staggering, they create an opportunity like never seen before.  When we are in the valley, we  are more likely to be open to hope from places we may not have been open to before.  When it is darkest, the light becomes important.  When we are lost, we can be found.

Who comes to your mind now?  Whoever it is.  Pray for them to know Jesus.  How will they know?  You must tell them.  How will they know?  You must let your Savior shine brightly through you daily walk.

To learn more about the My Hope with Billy Graham, visit


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