Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | February 18, 2013

Reset Your Triggers

TriggersEveryone has triggers.   Behavior defines triggers as a cue, prompt, call to action, request,.  It is a situation or condition that calls us to action. They can be bad or good.

For those in recovery identifying those triggers can be especially important. If we are aware of our triggers, it allows us to better prepare and be less likely to fall prey to the enemy!

In the post, “Resetting Your Triggers”,  Treatment and Recovery Centers give us three ways to reset those flash points were carry around cocked and loaded.

  1. Identify Your Triggers:  Is it someone, something, a smell, anything?  Now is the time to define it.
  2. Rank Your Triggers: Which is most dangerous to you and your recovery, family and life.
  3. Make a Plan to Change Your Pattern:  Find something else to substitute that’s healthy or simply think reward.

The full post with many others can be read at the blog for Treatment Recovery Centers.  Today is the day to start the rest of your life.  Get moving!

photo credit: Behavior, Stanford University


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