Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | February 16, 2013

Personalizing Psalm 23

Green Pastures of Psalm 23No matter if you are in a raging battle with an addiction, a single Mom struggling to make ends meet or a married wife of the perfect husband,a personalized version of the 23rd Psalm is soul cleansiing.  This incredible work of poetry or song that is the  23rd Psalm is one of the most known and loved scripture chapters in all of the Bible.

Chances are if you have ever  picked up a Bible some part of this passage will seem familiar   The down side to that familiarity is that we forget why it’s so well known.   Bottom line:  David reminding us that the Lord is taking care of us even we don’t understand it right now.

For a powerful experience and deeper understanding of this classic Psalm, try this:

Recite it now, out loud, but substitute your name in the places that say, my or mine or anything simpler.  Here is an example using my name:

The Lord is Barbara’s shepherd, Barbara will not want!

He leads Barbara to green pastures  …

You get it now go and do it!



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