Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | February 13, 2013

Grab to the Door called Jesus

Jesus the DoorSometimes when we are a journey of great length, the thought of the time it takes becomes overwhelming. As we look ahead to healing or weight loss  or the loss of a habit that is holding us back, the fear is bigger than the doing.  Today, let’s just stop and remember that Jesus is The Door that starts that journey and let’s hold fast to the tassels of his prayer shawl and let his power pull us along.  Try this prayer to get started.

We are so thankful for your son given in sacrifice.  Your son that gives us the door to freedom.  We are humbled at that thought you would give freely a means of escape and an entrance to hope.  We are grateful that your eternal love is unfailing, even when we fail.  We ask that you guide us to the door every time we are beginning to reside in the earthly comfort of the same,  The comfort of the same day after day even when it is bad for us.  We ask you tonight to use us to lead people that are without your hope to the door.  Help us to make even the paths leading to your door and clear out the briers of sin that entangle us and prevent us from leading others to your entrance.  We love you and pray these things in the wonderful name of Jesus, our door to freedom.


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