Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | February 11, 2013

Names of Jesus: The Door

Jesus the DoorI began this year with a focus on a single word.  That word was eternal.  Instead of new year resolutions and promises made to myself and broken, I decided to focus on the word Eternal.  I would use that word to shape my year and see everything through a filter that asked, will this matter to the eternal.  Is this lasting , does it really matter to God and the purpose he called me for?

As I began to do that it occurred to me how wonderfully eternal the earthly Jesus was.  Jesus as the son of man, fully human still focused on everything that mattered and none that didn’t.  He didn’t let the children clamoring for attention stress him out, he didn’t let a huge group of hungry followers make him feel inadequate, he didn’t  let a betrayal and denial by close friends deter him from the focus of his calling.  Jesus was always thinking eternally.  He was laser focused on the mission of His Father to give the world a gift; the gift of himself, the gift of perfection, the gift of holiness.

To access this precious gift from the Father to his children, we need only to find The Door and Jesus is that Door.  When I am in need of escape from chaos, I find the door.  When I am in need of peace or love or comfort from the battering ram of life, I find the door that leads to the chamber of the King.

A door can be both an entrance and an exit.  When we pass through The Door that is Jesus, we are really doing both.  In John 10: 9 Jesus says “”I am the door; if anyone enters through me, he will be saved , and will go in and out  and find pasture.

To enter the light of glory, we must exit the world.  We must leave behind the things that hold us to the earthly and walk toward the eternal.  The challenging part is that we are often leaving behind things we love, our family, our friends, our neighbors and maybe even our children.  The first time we walk through the door to salvation we are choosing a great unknown.

For us at this point in our spiritual walk, it is hard to remember what it was like not to know the Door well.  Not to have experienced the love, the joy, the spirit of our savior.  But when taking the first step towards the door, we  are walking into the great unknown.

There was a commander in charge of the POW’s in WW1.  This commander had compassion for his prisoners and thought although he was in charge of executing them, he would give them a choice on their last day.  They could face a firing squad or they could walk through the big door that was outside the cells.  One day a young soldier was about to face his end.  The commander and his guard told the prisoner of his choices, the firing squad or the big door.  He gave him the evening to decide and in the morning he would face his decision.  The next morning came and he choose the firing squad.  As the bullets pelleted the prisoner, the commander slowly shook his head and walked back to his barracks.  The guard asked “Do you always give them the choice?”  Yes said the commander, but they almost always choose the firing squad. To most, the hopeless known wins over any unknown.  The guard saddened by the thought since it would likely be his choice as well, asked…What’s behind the big door?

The commander answered simply…..”Freedom”  Those choosing the door receive a full pardon for everything.

This story is so like us.  We often choose the comfortable hopelessness of the same thing over the joyful presence of The Door.  What’s waiting for you at The Door?  What joy or healing , love or comfort can we find if we just exit,  the things of this world and enter the door to the sheepfold?   Can you hear his voice calling “I am the Door, if anyone enters through me he will be saved and will go in (in where?  To the presence of the God) and out (out where – out of the bondage of self doubt and stress and pain and everything earthly) and he will find pasture…..He calls…..are you weary…I will give you rest….Are you hungry nd unfilled?  Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied.  Are you stressed “My peace I leave with you… A broken spirit….He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted….In pain?  I will remove all suffering…”

Go now to the door.  Don’t stay in your comfortable hopelessness.  Pick up your mat and walk through the door, out of the world and into the light of glory.  Follow his voice, you know it…you are his sheep and the Door, our Jesus is calling you now.


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