Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | October 25, 2012

How do we find faith when chaos surrounds us?

FaithFaith can be an illusive thing when chaos surrounds us and it seems like the stress of living in a fallen world is everywhere.  We here stories of global torture and locally we see parents turn against their children.

In our own world, even the little things like the dog chewing up our family heirloom or a phone call from the teacher that can bring us to the brink.  How do we find our faith when we can’t seem to take one more step?

The short answer is to go to God’s Word.  Inside our book of life we find both big problems (think being thrown into a literal  furnace!) or Jesus telling us that God the Father even watches and knows the activities of the sparrow (Mathew 10:29) and cares about the grass ( Mathew 6:30)

Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as “sure  of what we hope for and certain of we have not yet seen.”  In a world that focus on the visual that is a hard definition to accept.  This week our verses are focused on the topic of faith.  Take one a day and just repeat it to yourself.  Think about what God is speaking to you about the verse and let the Holy Spirit speak to your soul.  Remember, no scripture comes back void!

A Week of Scriptures- Faith Download, print and post to your fridge!


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