Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | October 16, 2012

Haysi Va Coat Distribution a Great Success!

I love my Coat!

I love my new coat! More than coats were handed out Saturday, the hope of the gospel had everyone smiling!

I am happy to report that the ElysJoy Coat Distribution held on Saturday October 6th was a great success.  We gave out 110 coats ,as well as many jackets, shoes and even some bags of groceries!  Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers that spend their weekend sorting and labeling coats, setting up the church and cleaning up afterwards.  In addition, there were many many people in Richmond, Northern Va. and the Virginia Beach area that collected and brought us coats.  Thank you, Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without your help!

This distribution was extra special because several people local to Dickenson County helped us out and I must say did a tremendous amount of the work!  Two young women that had kids and tons of other things to do to just keep food on the table, spent days with us getting ready and worked like crazy the day of the event to actually keep things organized and give out coats.  These wonderful ladies, know the area and the people and were able to give us direction that was golden.  God sent them to ElysJoy and I am thankful to our Lord and Savior for that gift of their time and the blessing of getting to know them better.

I will post the pictures up today so look for them shortly!  We will be back again in November to see if we can give out the remainder of our coats (we had 31 left to distribute) and then on December 17th, we will be doing our Christmas Party/Christmas Carol Sing a long.  This is a special occasion for ElysJoy since we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary of serving Dickenson County!   More about that event soon!

If you still have a coat you would like to give away, we will be handing out coats all winter, so email us at and we will make arrangements to get them picked up.  If you live in Dickenson County and still need a coat, just let us know that too by completing the form by clicking here.


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