Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | September 11, 2012

Call on the Name of I AM to Knock Your Enemies Off Their Feet!

I AM HEJesus power is amazing.  It still jumps out of the pages of scripture from a passage I have read many times before.  John 18:5-7  is the story of the capture of Jesus and the chaos of a night that would change history forever.  As I listed to a Beth Moore session this week, her lesson about the life of Jesus’ beloved disciple, John, moved and reminded me of the power of the exchange between Jesus and the soldiers.

They tell the group they are looking fro Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus steps up and answers “I AM He!”  Those  words were not simply a statement that he was the man they were looking for but an announcement that he was the great I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in human form!.  The great and mighty name used by God Himself to Moses many years before.

As the powerful words left the lips of God in human form, the soldiers fell to the ground.  God’s name always carries power.  It did then and it does now.

Next time you feel overwhelmed or surrounded by chaos that may change your world for a day or a lifetime, call out the name of the one true God and watch his power sweep in and knock your enemies to the ground.  Shout it to the mountains because he is still the all powerful I AM.


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