Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | September 9, 2012

You Are a Letter From God

Love Letter from JesusDid you ever think of yourself as a letter from God to the World?  In this world of email and quick responses, a written letter is rare.  Whenever I receive one I feel special.  In 2 Corinthians 3:2 Paul, the apostle, tells us that we, ourselves are the letter for the world to see.  He continues to say that our letter is not written in ink, but in the spirit of the loving God!  These letters of our lives are not written on stone tablets but the tablets of our hearts.

To understand how profound this is, we have to understand the man that penned it.  Paul, before his conversion to Christ, was  Jewish scholar and leader.  He likely knew the Torah, the Jewish book of Law, well enough to recite many parts without a peak at the scrolls.   For Paul, before Christ, every part of his life was laid out using ink! There were no shades of grey, only black and white.

But Christ got hold of Paul and rocked his world.  So much that this religious legalist fell in love with  Jesus and everything in his view became filtered through eyes of mercy and forgiveness.

Paul knew Jesus could change a heart.  Paul’s letter of life was no longer on a stone tablet, or a scroll.  It was no longer heavy and cold but written in fire upon his heart with flames that burned the judgement of others out of him.  Pauls heart was now pumping with the blood of Jesus and was hot and glowing with the words of truth and life.

Paul wanted everyone to understand that writings of ink or stone were not the way to show people Jesus’ love.  Because my darlings, YOUR LIFE will be the LETTER, the example of God’s love and desire for us.  YOUR LIFE will be ever growing, ever depending on the spirit of a living God to shine through and write the words that the recipient needs most at that moment.  God uses YOUR life to show his great power and glory!  YOU are the letter from Jesus that  someone will tuck in THEIR hearts.  What are you writing today?  Let the spirit lead you and make it count!


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