Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 27, 2012

The Power in Peace

We all want peace in our lives.  In my 48 years on this earth (oops did I really tell my age to all the folks on the Internet!?)  I have met only a few that have actually been able to accomplish this deep desire for peace we all seem to have.  There is such a need for peace and rest we keep drug stores in business buying sleep aids and tranquillizers.  Many have even turned to alcohol or drugs to calm that restless spirit inside us.

But what if we could grab hold of that restless spirit that keeps us turning in circles,  never seeming to really get filled up?  What if we could find out HOW to change our life by being still, by listening instead of talking, with gentleness instead of frustration?  What would our world look like then?  IT WOULD LOOK LIKE A LIFE OF POWER!  

Join us for our new Ladies Bible Study :  The Power of Peace, one Sunday afternoon a month  from 3- 5:00: at The UpperRoom at ElysJoy in Haysi, Va.  Register here

Each month your Sunday afternoon can look like this:

  1. Arrive, get settled and let someone provide some refreshment while you get your plate without having to wait on anyone!
  2. Listen to one of our ElysJoy team members take your through a lesson from God’s Word about finding rest in Him or even their  personal experience with a journey from chaos to peace.
  3. Break up into smaller groups to talk about your month and discuss how the teaching spoke to you.  Here you will get to know our team and the other ladies in the study.
  4. Take home a workbook that lets you spend a few minutes a day reflecting on what you have learned and getting ready for next months meeting.
  5. Leave knowing you how much God wants to give you peace and see how your life is different with people praying for you and listening to God speak to you over the next 30 days.

We are so blessed that you would consider spending time with us since you are already in a busy, crazy world.  We are excited to meet you in person and get to know you better.  Complete the form here to sign up.  Space is limited so register early!

For more information please email or call 276-644-2625 or text 804-591-6271



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