Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 20, 2012

Remaining Close to God May Not Be Easy John 15

I am the vine and you are the branchesAs I sat at my table last night to record my prayers in my journal, I heard the Holy Spirit leading me to the words of John 15:5:  “I am the vine and you are the branches, if a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit.  Apart from me you can do nothing.”  I have read that passage many times and totally agreed with what it says.    I try my best to be in His Word daily, pray often and care for others when possible.   So I wonder why he was speaking to my spirit about remaining in him. I wanted some new insight!

But the marvellous God that is our maker, makes all things new.  Words that we have ready before often get new meaning in a new season of our life.  As read the familiar passage over and began to mediate on it (ponder it, allowing the spirit to guide me) I realized I really didn’t understand the word branch.  So I went to my beloved Greek Bible (it sounds complicated but really isn’t) because I am the type of  gal that really wants to know what Jesus is really saying when he speaks.  The English language sometimes doesn’t do justice to the words God chooses, but man does his best to interpret.  Add the holy spirit to a Strong’s Dictionary in the room with me and you may see sparks flying out of the chimney!  (Can you tell I love the Bible!)

The word branch here was klema which means a shoot or a limb that is broken off.  Most often it is used to describe a tender, flexible spout coming off a plant.  My Mom used to grow these spiralling vines when I was young and she would tenderly break off pieces to give to people she loved.  Before giving them, she would set them in a small juice glass in the kitchen window and allow the roots to begin to grow.  She nurtured them daily and in  a week the plant was a smaller mirror image of the parent plant, ready to bless the home of the person my Mom was thinking of that week.  She was so kind and tender with those plants and it showed her great love for others because of the care she used to pluck the shoot and help it take root.

God does the same for us.  As we work out our salvation and begin a work to understand His Word and we get ready to be “planted” somewhere, He has to put us in the water through Jesus and His Holy Spirit (See John 7:37-39).  We must remain in that water till our roots grow and are ready for planting.  And plant you he will!  Even after planting, you will need the living water to continue to grow and produce fruit.  From the fruit will come seeds.  Seeds produce a new vine that will someday replicate the Father also.  Previously in Genesis 9:7 God says:   “Be fruitful and multiply!”  Maybe what we multiply are not always children but sprouts and fruits developed through the act of loving on people.  God is so unchanging and I just love it when you find a nugget from way back that says the exact same thing to us thousands of years later!

So today, remain in Him by reading your Bible – Try John 15:1-9 and think about being that baby sprout that comes from the Father!  Wow he must really see our potential!  I am so glad God likes to use even the weak sprouts like me to help produce fruit!

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