Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 2, 2012

Power of the Flesh – Doubt

Battle of the FleshThe battle with my desire to do what God longs for instead of what I want to do is as old as time.  On a daily basis the question of spending an hour in the Word or in prayer verses using that hour to catch up on the latest episode of True Blood or The Big Bang Theory is asked in more houses than we know.   I want  to do what’s right, I love God but man oh man,  I love a good sitcom, too  and after all, I had a tough day…right?….  Like Paul says in  in Romans 7:21-24, I really want to do the right  thing but that last episode is keeps creeping up and calling my name!

Why is it that this battle is even happening?!  ….Watch this quick 15 minute video , “The Power of the Flesh- Part 1 – Doubt and see Pastor Aaron (PA) of Freshfire Student Ministries give us a little insight.  Its not what you think and you definitely are not alone!


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