Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | August 1, 2012

Backpack Distribution: Joyful Joyful Joyful

BackPack Success ElysJoyThe ElysJoy backpack give away was a great success!  We were blessed to be able to provide 48 kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade a backpack full of supplies, a pair of shoes, some back to school clothes and a surety that Jesus loves them and wants them to have a fresh start with these tokens of his power to help them rise over any adversity.

Supplies to StuffWith the help of many, many generous souls, we were able to make our goal of filling each and every pack with brand new supplies.  People on fire for  Jesus  from as far away as Warrenton, Va and Ownensboro, KY and as close as Tivis Ridge donated items, sorted supplies and hand picked clothes and shoes for every person that signed up.  Most importantly we prayed over every pack that left the building for the power of the one that chooses kings and changes the direction of the wind, to show His power every time pencil touched paper for every child!

I also must give a special thanks to some wonderful spontaneous volunteers that arrived to get their back packs and jumped in to help since we weren’t quite ready.  The swiftness of their response to our need for help was humbling and inspiring.  We were the ones that at the end of the day were blessed by all the people we met and many we were able to get to know more as we spend more and more time in the area.

I am beginning to see Our Mighty Savoir’s plan to restore Southwest Va. unfold as I saw the teens and youth jump in and help do whatever needed to be done.  Their work ethic shone through and I was proud to be part of this wonderful group of people with so much potential and a life just ahead!    Anyone that says High School boys are lazy, haven’t met the ones  I did last weekend on Bartlick Mountain. (No pictures since those young men were moving so fast!)  They organized the distribution for the kids and made sure everyone got what they needed with almost no direction without being asked. WOW!

Women of God in the MakingI also was witness to a young mother of 3 (all under 5 years old)  learn our system in under 5 minutes, organize whoever came in, all the while keeping a close eye on her babies.    Having the opportunity to see the first steps in a life that God is preparing for His glory to be a warrior for change and a life dedicated to Him was touching and powerful.  It was awesome to watch.

God ended our day with a beautiful rainbow as we turned onto Tivis Gods Little Exclamation PointRidge to show that He was there in a little white church house on a mountain not many notice.   But remember God always notices and He is always there linking people that would never be linked except by his amazing grace and faithfulness, just like He was in an upper room centuries ago.

I thank all the folks that blessed the ElysJoy team with their love, resiliency and caring.  I can’t wait to be back next month!

For more photos of the day, check out our ElysJoy FaceBook Page!



  1. you are a very wonderful witness to me and you gave me back my trust in the lord and hope that i will survive especially in rasing my 3 little girls and i cant wait to see you again you will never know how much you have already helped you cant wait to see you! Laura Mullins

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