Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | June 18, 2012

Genesis 3: Exaggeration, Control and Blame

Blaming OthersThe fall of man is a story most have heard since childhood in both Christian and secular homes.  Serpent tempts woman, woman caves, man joins in…But the nuances of this story are often missed.

  1. Exaggeration:  Both the serpent and Eve exaggerate the circumstances to each other.  The serpent says “you can’t eat from ANY tree?”  Exaggeration 1.  Eve says ” We can’t eat it or touch it” Exaggeration 2.  Changing the truth to be a little different or even more intense is still a lie. It seems man has struggled with that and continues to so so because often we don’t see it as a lie.  It does however, cause as much of a problem as a lie told outright.
  2. Control:  We forget in this story that Adam is there with Eve all the time, yet doing nothing to stop or even dissuade her sin.  He fails to be the leader of his family as Eve takes control. Since God is a god of justice, Eve’s punishment involves submission to Adam for the future generations.  The  relation here is key.
  3. Blame:  Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent, and God punishes all.  This is a great lesson for man today since many times our first reaction to the Holy Spirit or a person we  care for calling us out on our sin is to react by making an excuse or giving a reason for the sin. Like today, blaming others only leads to consequences for all.  We may not always see how this effects others, but be assured it does.

This story is age old, but reading it again with fresh eyes, reminds me that every word of the Bible is active and alive and applicable to today, including the first pages of the first book from thousands of years ago.


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