Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | June 16, 2012

Genesis 2: Creation Details- Fresh Breath

God's Breath by Eyefull TourGenesis Chapter 2 gives us a deeper look at the creation of man and woman as well as the garden itself.  Man morphs from dust to a lively, active(chay;adj- strongs 2416) being.  God’s breath changes things.  We see an example with the first man, as we do in the lives of believers today.

When man is filled with the breath of God, we are more alive, more active.  The same God that cared enough to make a helper for Adam, a complement per the HCSB transaltion is the God that sends his Holy Spirit to breathe life into us to convict of sin, heal the sick, intercede for others and praise his name.  What a loving God we have to take such care of us from the beginning and continue after our sin and rebellion!

Photo credit: Eyefull Tour: Sydney Austraila – God’s Breath


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