Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | June 8, 2012

Back Pack Distribution Sunday July 22 3-6 PM

Back To School Time is Here

Sign up to donate a back pack!

This month we decided staying at the Breaks Park although nice, for a ministry in it’s infancy,  it was more than we could afford.  Since the team will be spending a significant amount of time in Haysi, Va to help those in need, we decided renting a house there would be the way to go.  We started looking and I really should say the house found us.

Our first two events were a success.  In December we sponsored a Christmas Sing-a-long and one child took a bible home and one sat me down and asked me about Jesus.  She wanted to know about getting Him to live in her heart.  The prep work for that event was nothing compared to the joy we felt as we shared our God, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our second event was bigger.  We did a a cloths and food distribution.  We gave away over a thousand pieces of apparal and 50 bags of grocerys.  The best part, the folks were sweet as they could be and many hung around to listen to a little bluegrass and talk about the way the mountain used to be. I know our team were the ones truly blessed. Many donations continue to flow in and we will have another distribution just in time get get winter coats handed out again. I expect that will be towards the end of August.

Although poverty, prescription drug addition, alcoholism, broken families and sickness all seem intertwined here, The sky is still a bright blue with white clouds that only God could have designed.  The drive over to the spillway or up Bartlick mountain takes your breath away.  As I watched a hawk fly across that blue sky and circle his mate, the Holy Spirit washed over me till tears rolled down my cheaks.  Just another day in Dickenson Countty!

Next venture:  Backpacks for the kids of Southwest, VA.  You can help from the comfort of your home by signing up to donate a backpack today.  We give you all the details of what to get and you can even buy it on line and have it shipped to make it easy.  Add a handwritten note to your the child that inspires a good first day of school!  If you have a gently used  backpack, we would love to have it too!

Sign up to Donate a Backpack for a Haysi, Va child

Need a Back Pack for School?  Come out to our next event:  Sunday afternoon July 22nd for the backpacks for kids drive.  Each child that signs up will get an age appropriate backpack, supplies on their school list and a box with school cloths and shoes.  We also will be discussing things to do with your child after school that are fun, healthy snacks and keeping traditions in a non traditional family. You must sign up by completing the form found here:    SIGN UP NOW      I can’t wait to see you guys there!


Barbara Wilbur


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