Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 29, 2011

Support in Unlikely Places Luke 1:39-45

Young and Old helping hands

Read Luke 1:39-45

Now that Mary knows she carries the child of God, she heads out to her cousin Elizabeth’s house.  No doubt she wants to check out the other part of the angel’s prediction and maybe ask her older and wiser cousin what she thinks of this heavenly encounter.  When she arrives, Elizabeth yells out “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear!”  Then she calls Mary the mother of her Lord.  I can just see Mary, breathing out a sigh of relief to hear that someone else has heard the same message she did.  To know in her new journey she has support.

When you are tackling a tough job, or a spiritual drought or even a high point in your walk with God, reach out for support.  Throughout the scriptures, God gives the mighty ones partners for support as they do the work He called them.  Moses had Aaron; Paul had Luke, Timothy, Mark and others.  James and John were called together.  David had Jonathan.  God doesn’t intend for us to go through anything alone.  Although we always have Jesus, who is known as our friend, we also need humanly encouragers and partners. We need people that will lift us up when we are low and to hold us accountable when we may stray.  We also need to share the summit with someone who relates to the climb.

Think about the last time you tried to do something alone.  Do you think you could have accomplished more with someone?  Was there someone that God may have been leading you to but you didn’t follow his guidance?  Take a minute and ask God to show you someone that can both hold you accountable and share your joy and sorrow.  Then walk out in faith and take a look around to see if he is sending someone that may not look exactly as you expect.  Remember, Mary’s support came from a “barren” woman, preparing for the birth of John the Baptist, not the likely 14 year old friend or even her Mother.  Be prepared for God to send unlikely matches into your life and know that his ways are perfect.

Photo Credit: Smith Beers Yunker & Company


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