Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 29, 2011

Mary Rocks it Out: Luke 1:46-55

My niece and I try to use a webcam

We should be singing in the car not messing with this web cam

Read Luke 1:46-55

I love Christian praise and worship music. I love to sing it loud in my car with the sunroof open, hair blowing, tears streaming down my face and my niece sitting shotgun. My hands take turns driving, fighting over which one will be held up as high as the low roof of my car will allow. People pull up beside us at lights with the face of one that isn’t sure if they should call 911 or speed away. One thing I should interject here before your imagination takes you in the direction of Natalie Grant or Mandisa, I can’t really sing. Oh I can stay in tune a little with the entire church singing or keep up with the kids when they sing “This Little Light of Mine” but that pushes my limits. I think that is why I am so attracted to the concert hall of my car and the open mindedness and love of my niece.
Luke lets us peak into the concert hall of Mary’s proverbial car as she sings to the Mighty One, the Savior, the one who did great things for her, personally. I marvel at her courage and faith at such a young age. She reveals to you and I, thousands of years later, her understanding of God’s purpose for generations to come. She sings of God’s acts of mercy and kindness but declares that God’s wrath is strong enough to bring kings down from their thrones. She lets her heart sing to God with thanks and acknowledgement of how honored and blessed she feels for the opportunity to serve.
I don’t think this tune of Mary’s was a slow soft ballad. I think Mary is belting it out with hands lifted high, tears making paths through the dust before they dry on the collar of her tunic. A desert wind blows her hair a smile so broad her face is going to hurt tomorrow can be seen by all who pass by. She is happy. She is loved by God and she is chosen. And so are you!

Today’s blog is dedicated to my niece Jennifer, who I am inspired by every time I see her. She is a modern day Mary and her love for Jesus at 14 is awesome to watch.

Check out the story behind the song for the Addison Road new song “Show me Life” .  Mary would definitely sing this one!  You can download it free at this free Legal Christian Music site.


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