Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 28, 2011

Luke 1:26-38 Obedience

Jesus and MaryRead Luke 1:26-38

The angel Gabriel is once again delivering a message.  This time it is to a young teenage girl that will become the mother of our Lord.  Unlike the previous recipient, Mary, although “greatly troubled” when she hears his greeting of “favored one” accepts her assignment and calls herself a servant.  This encounter leading to one of the most important jobs in history is accepted with a simple statement of trust.     This holy messenger also tells her that her cousin, Elizabeth, that in Zachariah’s words is “well along in years” is already with child.   Mary simply accepts her assignment and all the consequences that come along with it and Gabriel leaves.  He simply departs.

I bet she had tons of questions.   I know I would.  Can you imagine the pressure of raising the Son of the Most High?  Her mind must have been spinning round and round as she recovered from the meeting that would change her life forever.  Mary was the picture of obedience.  Plain and simple God called Mary and she humbly accepted.  Wow.  Just Wow!

Think of a time when you knew God was calling you to do something.  Were you obedient?  Did you want details or tell him all the reason you couldn’t do it?   Did you try to set conditions or offer your own way of doing things?  Maybe he is calling you now.  Will you hesitate and ask God if he is sure as Zachariah did and miss parts of the blessing or will you be like Mary and just say yes?

Before you answer, remember Gabriel’s last statement before he takes off back to the spiritual realm in verse 37, “For nothing is impossible with God.”   Are you ready to say “I am the Lord’s servant?” I sure am glad Mary was!


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