Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 27, 2011

Doubt: Luke 1:14-25

Doubt or Faith

Doubt or Faith

Read Luke 1:14-25

In this passage the angel, Gabriel has appeared to Zachariah and said not only will he have a son, but that the child will be a joy and a delight!  At this point we are sure Zachariah will throw up his hands and praise God or fall to his knees or jump up and down.  We want him to be thankful for getting such a clear sign from above.  But instead, the priest, the follower of God, like us, questions Gabriel.  “How can I be sure?   Don’t you remember that I’m old and my wife is well along in years? (I noticed that he didn’t call his wife old, even to the angel of the Lord! Smart man!)   To be clear, he  is standing there talking to an ANGEL and he still is asking for more clarity.  Of course, I would have fainted as Gabriel first appeared so I don’t judge Zachariah, simply remind myself that we all are often just like him.

Zachariah doubted God’s blessings as we often do.  He questioned God when the path had been made clear.  He paid for it, though.   Instead of being able to tell his wife, his family and his  friends the glorious experience and express his joy at the answered prayer of a son,  he was silenced.  God disciplines his children because he loves them.  He did it then and he does it now.  We are corrected  in many ways but often it is simply that our path becomes harder and our trials more painful.

When we hear God’s voice through his Word, see his miracles around us in synergistic circumstance or have our paths validated by a sister or brother in Christ, do we obey or question?  Are we silenced by the thought of people doubting us or thinking less of us?  Are we worried, they will call us a Jesus Freak or think we have lost our marbles to believe God could make such a radical, impossible thing happen?

Think about your last encounter with the Almighty?  Did you question it?   Did you ask for more confirmation and maybe even use the same words Zachariah did:   “How can I be sure of this?”   If so, that makes you human.  But through our salvation we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and speak to us so we don’t have to step out in our own ability, we have the full ability of God.

Today ask God to show you what he will have you do and ask him for the courage and faith to step out.


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