Posted by: Barbara Wilbur for ElysJoy Church | November 26, 2011

Are we expecting an answer to our prayers? Luke 1:8-13

Are we expecting an answer to prayer?Read Luke 1:8-13

Today marks the beginning of the official Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is the day to get the best deals on everything from televisions to slippers.  With wish list in hand, Mom braves the crowds to search for the gift that is in short supply or unavailable.  When my girls were little, it was Cabbage Patch Kids.  I would stand in line at Toys R Us after calling around for hours to see if the truck had arrived.  I would then pay way too much for a doll with a birth certificate.  The girls would play with them for a short while then spend hours coloring or putting make up on each other.  I would shake my head and swear not to do it next year, but of course I would.

At the top of the wish list for many years, for Zachariah, a priest of the Abjah division and his wife Elizabeth is a baby.  Although they were “well along in years”  their longing for a child likely had not dimmed.  On this special day, Zacharias had been chosen to go into the temple, offer up the incense, representing the prayers of his people to God.  Those prayers also included those of he and his wife. Suddenly, to his great surprise, an angel appears.  He is startled and afraid.

If a priest in the temple, sending up the prayers to God doesn’t expect a God experience and an answered prayer,  is it any wonder we don’t?  Although we pray for change, for salvation of our loved ones, healing or peace, do we really expect the prayer to be answered?  Do we really believe a sudden, radical change can happen in the blink of an eye?  Or like Zachariah, are we startled and fearful when God sends someone or something to help or announce he is handling it?

Today be bold and courageous and expect God to show up and answer prayers.  Don’t be startled, be expecting His presence and watch God work



  1. A powerful eye-opening devotional that makes you self examine your life. Live with expectancy

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